Video & Animation

We produce different types of Marketing Video:

  • Commercial Videos
  • Testimonials Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Slideshow Video
  • Training Videos
  • Conference / Seminar Videos
  • Presentation / Pitch Video
  • Live Concert / Show Video
  • Trade Show Videos
  • Educational  Video / How-to
  • Promo / Special Offer  Video
  • Video Invitations
  • Event / Performance Videos
  • Documentary videos
  • Web Promotional Video
  • White Screen Video
  • Interviews for TV & Online Broadcasting videos
  • Virtual Tours for Real Estate and Travel Companies
  • Commercials videos for TV & Web
  • Green Screen Filming & Compositing
  • Video Resume & Self-Promotion
  •  Video for Websites
  • Visual Effects


Here is a brief overview of our process for creating videos.

Information Gathering

As with any learning development project, we start by gathering information from the client and Subject Matter Experts about the topic.

Instructional Design

After this initial analysis, the next step is for the learning strategist to create a design document. In the case of videos, the learning strategist starts by writing a script for the video. The script is similar to what might be written for a play, and it contains not only the narration but also “stage directions” indicating suggested characters, scenes, actions, and other visual elements. The script is then submitted for client review and approval.


Once the script is approved, the learning strategist then develops a storyboard – just as with any eLearning piece. At this point, the visual designer is more fully engaged for input on such elements as imagery and visual style.

Visual Design

Upon approval of the draft storyboard, the designer/animator will read the script and plan the onscreen visuals. There are several critical elements to consider during this phase that lend to smooth development:

First Draft Animation

Based on the approved script, upon which we build the first draft or animatic. Once the timing of the entire piece is established, any gaps or lulls in onscreen visuals become clear, and we can make changes to tighten the timing. At this stage, clients are given an opportunity to provide input regarding how effectively the piece communicates their vision. We will make revisions until the client is fully satisfied.


We’re done. Here at MicroFreelancers, it takes a few hours to a few days to complete the handover phase. Now it’s time to send the finished files to the client!



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